Probable issue when creating a 'boolean variable change action'

I think there is an issue when I create a workflow with an action to change a variable name.

  1. Create the workflow
  2. Choose action: change variable value
  3. Variable: choose the boolean variable
  4. New value: it will default to false, don’t change this.

Now when you test the action you’ll see that it sets the variable as ‘undefined’ instead of false

If you now click on the variable value dropdown and select ‘true’, then click again and select ‘false’ and try to test the action again you’ll see that it now sets to false. So the default dropdown value is not being set correctly.

Hi @brunoconleite,

I’m a little bit confused. In the workflow, you choose the action “change variable value” but then you don’t want to change the value of the variable?

Hello @Joyce. My intention is to set the ‘termsSubmitted’ variable to ‘false’ and not ‘undefined’.
Have a look at the screenshot, you prepare the action and leave the “New value” field to the default value, which is “false”, then hit “Test action”. It will set to ‘undefined’ which is not correct. It should set to false.
Looks that the “New value” dropdown default value ‘false’ is not tied correctly to some backing variable if you don’t click and change it to something else.
I mean, ‘undefined’ is not even a choice on the “New value” dropdown.

Hi @brunoconleite, yes, I’ve had a look at the screenshot. However, since your variable is set as “false” by default in your project, I’m wondering if the fact you are attempting to “change the variable” to the same value (i.e. false) may be causing the issue.

I will investigate with the dev team and get back to you.

@Joyce Thanks. But I don’t think that is the case. The variable could be false as default, but later changed to true. The action is another step of changing the variable value, independent of what it was when created.

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Can you give us more info as to what page and what workflow you’re experiencing the issue with so we can reproduce on our side?

@Joyce Here, I have recorded a video showing step by step: weweb-auth0-issue-2022-03-07_14.43.43.mkv - Google Drive

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Thanks! You’re the best! :raised_hands: