Redundant requests on Xano auth/me endpoint

Hi everyone,

After analysing my Xano API requests history, I see that WeWeb is making redundant requests on the auth/me endpoint in Xano.

I don’t know where they are coming from because I didn’t included requests to this endpoint in any workflow in WeWeb.

After some tests, I have identified the following behaviour :

  • These requests happen only when I am using the published app, not when I use the preview mode in the editor (even if I am logged in with a user account)

  • They are triggered on page load when there is a workflow including a Xano authenticated request, but there are not triggered by workflows included in buttons

Do you have any idea on why this happen and how I could stop this to happen ? It generates unecessary request and make me reach the Xano rate limit very quickly.

Thank you for your help !


I’ve been encountering the same behavior and posted about it last week and didn’t get any replies…

I think it has to do with the Private Access setting on pages and endpoint authorization.