Redirect to a conditional weweb page based on response to a form submission

Hello, I’m making a form that should re-direct to a secondary form depending on the choices the user selected in the first form. The back-end (Xano) can do the logic and return the appropriate weweb page name and/or url, but I’m not sure how get the response headers into weweb variables so that they can be used in the “on success” field of the form container.

Any ideas always much appreciated.


Hey @billdonnelly :wave:

Branching in workflows would be the solution, but isn’t live yet (should be in a few weeks).

What you could do meanwhile is use conditional displays, while having both forms on the same page, and update their display based on the Xano response :wink:

I’ve just been told that binding a change page action is in testing and should be released soon. That should help for your use-case while keeping both pages.

Hi Quentin,

This is great news! Thank you.