Question: What happens if Weweb apps get DDOS attacks?

Curious question: I just saw a video where a Saas founder is talking about being DDOS attacked (person sends lots of traffic to the site). He talks about migrating to Cloudflare so it can be managed. How does Weweb handle this? :slight_smile:

interesting question… any answers would be helpfull

You call Alexis and the team and they rescue you


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Apologies for the late reply. I had to ask around for this one :sweat_smile:

So there are two things:

1- if someone wants to DDOS the WeWeb editor or dashboard, it won’t affect the productions websites, same the other way.

2- if someone wants to DDOS your web-app specifically, for now we have multiple production servers that can sustain a huge load.

We are currently working on a totally new architecture that will include multiple tools to prevent DDOS attacks. This new architecture will come by the end of the year.