Pulling data from Xano to display on Weweb

Hi guys,

I’m currently trying to complete quite a complex task so any support would be great.

the process i’m trying to do is as follows.

User clicks add button > Blank modal opens with fillable fields > customer selects save > information appears in a ‘new’ card displayed on dashboard.

I would also then like to have an ‘expand’ button on the cards on the dashboard which will open the modal and allow the user to edit any data in the generated card.

Example of the card:-

Objected created taking tips from the Kanban feature.

Data table on Xano.

Xano & Weweb is all very new to me and I understand I need to create an array but not sure how i’d write it.

@Joyce @luka

Hi guys,

Any support on this please?

@Joyce @luka

You’re looking to create quite a complex flow for a beginner so it’s not really easy to walk you throughout all the steps

Can you show us what you have for now? And what are the particular issues you’re facing

If you’d like coaching all these types of things, I’m happy to help you. DM me if interested. I’ve helped several others.

I thought that was the case, I’m considering utilising the Kanban option after playing around all day.

I don’t have access to my computer at the moment but all I currently have is the card, a modal pop up which pops up a ‘blank’ form to fill out and a modal which allows users to expand the cards.

I can send through more screenshots if you need?


That would be great, I’ll message you now!

Yes, start with the basics and step by step, send screenshots and pinpoint more precise problems you have

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