Project Setup for Multi-tenant SaaS - best way to structure?

My no code and WeWeb journey started just 3 days ago, so I’m jumping in to the deep end. :smiley:

I am looking to build a SaaS where my paying customer (subscriber) will have their portal. From there, these subscribers will need to invite their customers to a customer facing portal. So, each tenant can have many unique customers. From a setup perspective in WeWeb, what route should I go down?

  1. 1 project for Subscribers & 1 Project for their Customers (so, project = portal type)
  2. 1 project for both, and just append URL with something like /subscriber and /customer to differentiate portals
  3. other ideas I’m not thinking of?

Any considerations for each setup? Pros/Cons?

Thank you in advance!


Welcome Chris - I’m a relative noob as well. I’m building a SAAS for basketball leagues (subscribers). The way I set mine up is 1 project in weweb for everything. I have an Admin section of my app which can only be accessed if the user’s role in Xano (my backend) is “Admin”. Then I have a section of my app which is a player portal (like your customer portal). I did it this way because it seemed simpler and I’m a noob.

I’m eager to hear if any weweb or xano experts on this forum think that’s NOT a good idea for some reason…

I’m taking the same approach. One WeWeb project, two user roles with pages only accessible to the respective roles. Don’t forget to set who can access a page at the page level for every page, see below.

I actually just have a single login page, and the login workflow recognizes the user’s role and routes them appropriately.

Are your subscribers/customers all going to be using the same domain?

That was my plan. My basketball league SAAS’s URL is When user goes to and signs in, they will go to their league home page. Not sure how to handle it if subscriber leagues want to use their own custom domain