Postgres ssl connection fails

I am a new user trying to connect SQL plugin in my sample app to PostgreSQL db hosted on Digital Ocean. They require the connection to be ssl. My TablePlus sql client on OSX can connect fine but while setting SQL plugin in WeWeb, it fails saying “no pg_hba.conf entry for host “”, user “doadmin”, database “defaultdb”, no encryption”. Is SSL not supported? How to debug this issue?

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Hi @navjeetc :wave:

At the moment, you can only connect MSSQL DBs with SSL but @Damien on our team just made a fix that should mean you can do it too with your PostgreSQL DB.

We expect it’ll be in production next week :slight_smile:

Would that work for you?

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Yeah that will be cool

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Any update on enabling connecting to postgresql using ssl?

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Good timing! This was pushed in production this morning :grinning:

Can you check and let us know if it works for you?

It works :slight_smile: Thanks for your awesome support.

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Thank YOU for your patience :slight_smile: