Trouble connecting to MySQL

Hi. I’m new to WeWeb and testing it out.

I’m trying to connect to a MySQL db in Google Cloud. I’ve activated the SQL plugin and entered the IP address, port, username & password to my db, but WeWeb can’t connect.

When I’ve made other connections to my mysql db, I’ve had to add a whitelabled IP address in order to connect.

What is the WeWeb IP address that I can add to my Google Cloud whitelist?

If this isn’t the issue, then can you please help me figure out how to connect my db. Without this connection, I can’t evaluate WeWeb (which I would very much like to do!)

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @FatCatDev :wave:

Apologies for the late reply.

You can test the SQL Plugin with our current IP:

We can provide a fixed IP down the line but it requires custom development on our end so we would need to talk to you to discuss your project.

I’ll DM you the contact details of our CEO. Feel free to reach out to him directly if you’d like to arrange that :slight_smile: