POST to Xano creates few empty records (fixed)

Hi WeWeb!

I use POST method to create record in Xano and after I click submit in form → same moment few empty records are created in DB along with correct one that I have filled in form.
Has anyone ever experienced such issue?

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I think one of two things may be happening:

  1. in weweb you have an extra workflow somewhere that is creating another record. It could be triggered on page load, or maybe you have it attached to the button instead of the form. Check both those places

  2. the Xano api endpoint is configured incorrectly and you are creating an extra record there.

I watched the loom on my phone, so it’s hard for me to see, but It appears that the 339 is record showed up after you went back to the trends page. If that’s the case, then the workflow is being triggered there, probably on page load.

Feel free to send over a picture of your Xano api function stack.

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Thank you!

The only one workflow containing POST endpoint to Xano in both pages as trends/ & trend-single/ is here:

Looks like this workflow “on submit” works also when I reload a page without submitting.

Ive checked all I have - I dont have any other POST endpoints at all, only GET…

Im afraid it’s WeWeb bug… submit in popup + Xano POST… I dont know…

It’s not another endpoint. I think it’s another workflow that you have somewhere. Did you check on page load?

Just to be sure, Xano endpoint looks good and it’s only creating one record?

Somewhere, Xano is being instructed to add another record. Since it’s blank, it seems to me like a workflow was probably added somewhere accidentally.

I ve checked everywhere & page load as well, I have only GET endpoints for lists.

And this Xano endpoint works correctly from other frontend app that I use for mobile app built. So the problem appears only in WeWeb.

I do some debugging now (remove elements to see difference)…

looks like problem is in submit form

Check that GET /trend/{trend_id} endpoint to ensure that a record is not being created in there.

Nope, I use that endpoint in other places & apps and it works.

So I deleted submit form from that page and records are still being created on load of Trends List. Without any post endpoint!! :worried:

GET trends list endpoint is used in other app so it personally doesn’t create anything just GET…
Maybe Xano plugin has some bug.

Ive found that I’ve accidentally added POST endpoint to my collections (was checking how that may work)
And looks like it was running automatically together with GET endpoint (That I would never expect)

Thank you for your help!


In the editor, all of the collections that you have set up will run.

This would be different when in production. Only the endpoints that you have on the page would run.