Page do not refresh after submit

Hi All
I’ve prepared a page with two columns left is table from xano right form.
Form will be filled on click left side table line. Changeing the values in the form and submitting will change data in xano but the page and therefore the table will not refresh.
It is like your Video " Let users update a table with a form and a no-code workflow" in your example table will refresh!!

What Do I do wrong??

best Regards

After submitting the data to xano you need to add an action to fetch the data again.
For example if the data in your table is from a collection, then you need to add a “fetch collection” action.

Yes TX that’s what I’ve figured out :slight_smile:
I saw a video from Joyce and it seams that it happend automatically
but I did not see the complete Workflow :slight_smile:

TX for your answer
Best Regards Frank