No changes, app stopped working

I haven’t made any changes to my app but suddenly both of my rest APIs stopped working/connecting and it’s been like this for 3 days. What troubleshooting steps can I take to try and identify what the problem is?

Your endpoint looks good, so it looks like there is something wrong in the configuration.

The error code is 403, so its a forbidden request…

Could be your APi key, or some other data that you are supplying into the API.

Can you get a more detailed description of the error by clicking on response > Data > detail

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 9.05.46 AM

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Thanks not sure what happened since as I mentioned, nothing changed. anyways, I just removed the formula In the API call and rebuilt it and then everything worked!

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For future reference, here’s an article on how to troubleshoot workflows and API calls.

As mentioned by @kevinwasie, looking into response > data provides more information as to what the issue might be.

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thank you!