New Supabase SDK 2 - Logout all other Users

Hey i have a short question to the Supabase SDK V2,

is it possible with the new Supabase SDK V2 update to sign out all other sessions of a user?
Am i doing someting wrong in the code? @Alexis

const { error } = await
wwLib.wwPlugins.supabaseAuth.signOut({scope: 'others'})

Hi, I tried to implement this for the revamp but I’m pretty sure this feature cannot be used from a browser, I read it somewhere.

You can try to fix your code, it should be

wwLib.wwPlugins.supabaseAuth.publicInstance.auth.signOut({scope: 'others'})

Edit: Missed the .auth as Broberto said


You are missing the instance also, you need to use the publicInstance as @Alexis mentioned. Meaning, that is THE ISNTANCE, of the Supabase SDK :slight_smile:

By the way, I think it is

wwLib.wwPlugins.supabaseAuth.publicInstance.auth.signOut({scope: 'others'})

thanks! i tried it but doesn’t work ;-(

Might be a WeWeb bug? I found some threads on GitHub. @Alexis

As I said, ask directly supabase I guess