Need to modify the data and display it live

I’m building a Resume builder for a tutorial. My backend is in Xano.

I’m not sure how to modify and display the data in the dashboard.

First, the authentication is ON for this database.

#1 - A list of all resumes. Pretty straightforward. I’m ok with that. Source is dynamic because users can create a new resume with the “+” button.


#2 - Details of each resume. Source is dynamic. Users modify it with a custom form builder (without the submit button). For now, I use this setup, but I don’t know how to modify one value of the object. Here’s how I try it:

But, now if I only do this, I don’t send the info to Xano, so my “preview” on the right is not up to date. So I need to send data with the POST api, but I have a bug where the endpoint disappear.

#3 - I show the data from Xano. I’m ok with that.

Also, one feature is to be able to share the resume with a public link. Authentication should be OFF. Do I duplicate my other database?

I think I should create a collection page with a static source. But, how do I choose one specific resume for one specific user if I can’t use dynamic filter (i.e get resumeID for the userID).

Hi @noncodeur :wave:

I’m not sure I understand your questions. I had a look at your project but couldn’t find the workflow on “Emploi” that’s in the screenshot.

From what I can see in the screenshot, the path should be Emploi_desire and the value should be the new value you want to add to that field.

Then you would have a second action in the workflow to send the data to Xano.

Perhaps the section " Partially Update Arrays and Objects" in this article might help.

Let me know if not.

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Thanks Joyce, it worked. I can now update the variable. I don’t know why you don’t see the workflow, it is still there.

Now, for sending the data to Xano, I get the same issue (endpoint disappear when I change the value more than 2-3 times in a row) explained here:

Also @Joyce , second question, what path should I add to get the value Job_title in my object?

I tried _experiences_professionnelles_of_cv.Job_title but it didn’t work.


@noncodeur Are you displaying the job_title in a collection? If so, then, it will be['job_title'].

If you are displaying it outside of a collection, it will be _experiences_professionnelles_of_cv[0].job_title

_experiences_professionnelles_of_cv.Job_title did not work becuase _experiences_professionnelles_of_cv is an array, so you need to indicate what index you want the job_title from.

Yes, in a collection. I tried it too, but it didn’t work:

Ok, now I created a new object with my value :thinking: