Multi-page forms and file uploads

Have a multi page form workflow that ultimately posts some information to a database.

In the workflow, users can create the data they want to post to the database, preview what it will look like on the webpage when published, and edit the data if they need to.

Within this workflow, users are asked to upload a picture.

I handle the state between pages by storing all information in a session Object Variable that does not change based on navigation. I have some logic in the app that loads
data into the form fields on the edit page if I am navigating back from the preview page.

When a user uploads a photo, goes to preview it, then goes back to edit it, the user then receives a notification that the field is required, and has to re-upload the file.
From what I understand, there is no capability to re-load the photo into the file upload element in WeWeb. Currently, I use WeWeb’s CDN to display the picture in the upload feature and preview page, before it’s stored in my Xano DB.

Is there a way to handle file uploads with multi-page forms that won’t run into this issue?

Great question, and thank you so much for providing a video in your question.
Let me confirm with the team regarding this matter and get back to you as soon as possible.

You can bind the “required” field on your file input. If there is a picture uploaded and present in your session Object Variable, make the field not required.


Yea, I had thought about that. I guess I could do that. Just wondering if there was another way to handle it.