Month view calendar component

Hi there,

I am trying out the default calendar component. Unfortunately the month view is different than I expected it would be. As an example I share some screenshots of the both the Weweb calendar component and the one of Full Calendar (used a couple of times before).

Weweb (Week)

Full Calendar (Week)

Weweb (Month)

Full calendar (Month)

How can I get a Month view in WeWeb with the level of detail as shown in the example of Full calendar

Hi @FJP84 :wave:

Apologies for the late reply.

I think right now you might need to build your own calendar component to achieve the exact same UI.

Providing more calendar UI options is something our product team is exploring right now so if you want to send a list of bullet points or short video with your wishlist, feel free to do so! I’ll pass it along :grinning:

Hi @Joyce a colleague of mine is working on a custom component based on full calendar. He is experiencing some issues during development and for this we are preparing a support ticket.

+1. Yes I need a better month view, it isn’t what I was expecting haha, the usual month view is the one that FJP84 shared, where you can see what’s going one very day like in Google Calendar


Thanks @raelyn! For the +1

@Joyce I noticed a typo in my start post. The titles of Weweb (month view) and Full calandar (month view) need to be switched. Then these titles are representing the correct images.

Currently I don’t have any more requirements than the optimized month view as the one shown in the Full Calander example. Is this on your roadmap?

+2 If you could also add the features below that would be perfect! :

-Ressource View (very important)
-Drag and drop for adding an event
-ui redesign

A few examples :slight_smile:

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Hi @Joyce do you have enough requirements to pass on to the dev team?

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Yes! Thank you :slight_smile:

I added the link to this topic to the ticket about improving the existing calendar component and potentially creating new calendar templates with more abstraction.

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@FJP84 I was able to tweak default calendar component using HTML attributes. You can f.e. enable events on month view by adding events-on-month-view attribute and so on. It is not perfect but it is working :slight_smile:

Nice one. Using event-on-month-view with value short. Solves the problem I was having. I now can use the native calendar component which is great.

Hey Dominic! How do you do this? Could you explain a little further so I can implement this in my app too? Would really appreciate this.

How do you “enable events on month view by adding events-on-month-view attribute”?

Hi @raelyn

Check the settings tab of the calendar component. Scroll down to html attributes.

Add an html attribute
name/key: events-on-month-view
value: true or short

When using “short”, only title is shown.

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