Logout during page reload

Hi everyone. I have a noob question. I have a working auth setup using Xano Auth plugin. However, every time I reload the page I get logged out. May I know how to keep my account logged in?

Any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

That should not be happening… when you say that you are logged out, what are you referring to? How do you determine that you are being logged out?

Hi, thanks for the response!

I have the same thought that’s why I’m confused about why this happens.

I have a button that is visible if a user is authenticated or not.

Hmm. The three problems could be one of:

  1. The user is not actually getting logged in
  2. The user is not actually getting logged out
  3. The user is getting logged out

If you are using all of the xano auth components to log in, and you are receiving back an authToken from Xano, then my guess is that you have a logout action that is accidentally getting called on page load or some other action.

The only way to reset the authentication should be to either: 1) use the Plugin logout action in a workflow, 2) manually remove the cookie and variables using Javascript, or 3) if the authToken expires in Xano. (Option 4 could be is the page is being republished or a Xano update during a session - rare cases)

If you go into your global workflows, do you have any logout actions that are getting called?

How about on page reload? Are there any logout actions there called accidentally?

Is this on every page, or just one page?

Taking a loom video and posting it here walking through your login/page load process would help to diagnose the problem.

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Oh… I just realized what you are referring you. @cbpcanda This is happening on a hard refresh. Is that right?

Take a look at this post. I just asked @aurelie basically the same question.

@cbpcanda where is this button located? Is it in a separate section? possibly a linked section?

The button exists on multiple pages(Navigation section).

yup, hard refresh . .