Authentication token expiration time

Hi fellows!

I am using Xano authentication and having trubles with a login session. Xano authentication does not save the session in the cash. If I open a new browser page it needs login again, in same time previous page still logged in.
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Does anyone have solutions for this?

I do not have an answer. I do have a question or two.
Are you sure that you are authenticating with Xano?
It looks like you are using Google or some other third party authentication mechanism.
If you are using Xano, then you may want to post at as well as here at

I would also suggest that you try the same thing out in a different web browser using the default settings. I think that most web browsers can be put into one of the following categories:

  • clone of Google Chrome (MS Edge)
  • clone of Firefox
  • clone of Apple Safari
    So if you tried this in Chrome, then try MS Edge and Firefox and so on. This would eliminate the possibility of browser configuration issue (probably not this anyways).

As well, in the logged in tab, force a hard refresh ( to see if you are still logged in.

Thank you.
I found there is no redirections on my login page if Authenticated=true. PWA version opens Home page by default.