Linking to a page

Hello. I’ve page that tracks our sales pipeline. When user clicks on an individual opportunity, I wish it to open a project detail page where the user can work with tasks related to that project. I have set up a link with the query linking the opportunity ID. The link occasionally works, but mostly doesn’t and I end up on a page with just placeholders showing. I’m guessing I haven’t written the query right. Any tips or example on how to link-open between two pages?

First, do not have a space in that key. So, make job id as job-id. That may be causing a problem. I’m not sure. You’ll need to change your collection on the project page to have the new variable as job-id.

When you say that you end up at a page with just placeholders, are you ending up at the project page, but the data is not populating into the page?

Can you take a loom video and post it here of it not working.

Thanks Kevin. I went ahead and got rid of that space. Though I’m not understanding, “You’ll need to change your collection on the project page to have the new variable as job_id”. When I look for it in the workflow, there is no variable called job_id.
I tried loom, cool tool. You can see what I’m talking about here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Hi. I watched your video and it seemd like you set up your project page as normal page. It would need to be a collection page that is binded to the same collection. That would be the easiest way to achieve this.

When you click on your project page settings, there is an option “create collections page”

Thanks Edward,
But now I’m even more confused. When I go to add the collection page it has an warning:

With this message, I’m just confused about what a collection page even is. I need the data to be dynamic on the page as that’s the point of this link, so the user can manipulate the details of the record.

Are you saying that in weweb, the only way to open a page via a link with parameters is to make a static collection page…which is some different kind of page than just a regular page?

I think what you are looking for is explained in the official weweb guide on 🏓 Dynamic Collection Item.