Level of Difficulty for Custom Vue component

Vue-easytable is a grid that has more features than the datagrid currently in WeWeb. It has features such as filtering, sorting, hidden columns, etc.

I have never worked with a custom Vue component before. What is the level of difficulty if I hired a developer to create a custom component with Vue-easytable and made sure it had these qualities:

  • binding for columns and search
  • binding for a boolean of “column hidden”

I know there may be a ton of possible factors in how long it takes, but on a spectrum, is this the kind of thing that takes 2 hours or 80 hours?

It depends on how much you want the component to be customizable, or if you just want a version that works well for your own project.
As a Vue component, it’s normally easy to integrate (so more 2 than 80h).
The problem here is that this library is in Vue 2, and WeWeb supports only Vue 3. Do you know if there is an updated version?


Thank you. This is very helpful. For this particular grid, they only have it in Vue 2, so it won’t work in WeWeb. But it gives me a better sense of where to go from here.

I would love to see a tutorial on taking a simple vue component and integrating it into a weWeb app.

Maybe a second part to then be able to add some basic weWeb configuration options.

Unless I have missed one that already exists :slight_smile:


+1 to this, it would be extremely helpful




I’m looking to bring a Vue UI library into weweb. If you are interested we could share the cost of hiring a dev or split the workload to create a weweb library from vue UI library such as Vue-easytable. Just DM me and we can set up a time to chat.