Javascript for parsing Sitemap XML


this is kind of like a generic question. Upfront: I have no experience in Javascript and yes, will be looking deeper into the topic and start grinding and learn it for the sake of weweb.

I have this javascript

const xmlData = `
// Your XML data goes here

function getCommaSeparatedUrls(xml) {
  const parser = new DOMParser();
  const xmlDoc = parser.parseFromString(xml, "text/xml");
  const sitemapNodes = xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("loc");
  const urls = [];

  for (let i = 0; i < sitemapNodes.length; i++) {

  return urls.join(", ");

const commaSeparatedUrls = getCommaSeparatedUrls(xmlData);

this is supposed to parse an xml sitemap for the urls that it contains. Unfortunately it does not output a result.
As I said, I have no experience with it and rely on pointers in this case on what could be the issue.

Am I doing the Javascript in weweb thing right at all? Are there limitations, differences to a “standard” script anywhere else? Really no clue here right now. (Sorry for the ignorance)

I have it placed in a workflow, currently simply making a variable with the returned output. And sure, in the real situation I am feeding it the real data. Even tried it with the xml hardcoded into the script above.

Still no results.

Today I learned:

You always need to use RETURN to expose the results to weweb.


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