Issue Publishing an app with static pages from a collection

How long should it take to publish 44k static pages with my app and does that time change for subsequent publications?

I am doing my first with the collection and making pages, its been going on for at least 20 minutes like this

[update] i recieved an error after about 20 minutes or so. trying from the dashboard now.

[update 2]

this only began to occur after making the pages from a static collection

[update 3]

i broke publishing OR it’s still thinking. i’m not sure now but it’s been like this for hours

I think that generating 44k pages was too long for our server. I’ll ask the team and come back to you :wink:


Thank you for getting back to me. I thought that i read somewhere that when an app is hosted by weweb it could handle up to 50k static pages from a collection, is that wrong?

@Quentin any updates on this today? What is the limit?

Hey, our CTO told me it’s too many pages sadly :confused:

You’ll need to self-host in order to build the app on your servers.

thank you! I am self hosting now, we just set this up this morning. how do i make it build on my server and not on weweb servers?

@Quentin ^^^

even set up with self hosting, when i click publish i still see “too many pages” error