Issue editing values in MutliSelect control

I’m using the multiselect control and using this line for the initial value
The control loads with the correct data when there are values in MySecurityCollection.
However, the only way that I can seem to add to the control are run time is by first removing all existing selected values.

Anyone have any thoughts on how I can get this to work as expected?

Hi @peteletkemansst , to be sure I am understanding correctly, your multiselect input is initialize correctly, but then you are unable to select new value from it?

Yes, that is correct. The only way that I can add/select new values is by removing all of the currently selected values. The triangle to open up the options does not seem to do anything unless there are no preselected selected values.

Hi @peteletkemansst are you still experiencing the issue since yesterday release?
If yes i will take a look, but it may have been fixed by “side effect” of an other bug.

I have just tried this and it still appears to be behaving the same.
Here is the page
It currently connects to the free (changing soon) XANO account for all of it’s data.

You can log into the site via (to create the Bearer value)
with a username of and a password of pete, that is once you get past the default WeWeb login.

Thank you for your help with this,

HI @peteletkemansst , I take a look at your project.
Everything is working properly on my side.
However I noticed that you have a “Donut Progress bar” on the middle of your page, which is rendered on top of your form. This is why some area on your form (and so maybe on your screen resolution exactly on the select) seems do not work, as you are clicking on this element rather than your form element.
If you turn Display property of this donut progress bar to “Off”, everything is back to normal.
Try to move this on top of your elements tree (so that everything else is render on top of it) or hide it when not needed anymore.

Hope this help

Great thank you

I see where I was wrong.
I had thought that clicking on the triangle, highlighted in yellow in the attached image, would open the option selection.
However, I see that I need to click on the whitespace, highlighted in red, to open the option selection.