Is there a way to do an Excel, CSV Import?

Is it possible to allow someone to upload and import an excel or CSV file?

Where exactly do you want to import the file?
If you need to let user import data into your database one solution is:

  • load the file in the browser
  • parse the data
  • validate the data
  • do a batch of operations to update your database

The primary thing I’m looking to import is really just a list of users. This would contain their name, email, phone, etc

Is there a guide anywhere on how to do this?

What auth method are you using?
If you are using weweb auth you can manage users in weweb. Try the import button at the bottom.

Using Xano. However I want to allow my users to import their own personnel.

you then need to set this up in xano.

If you want your users to invite other users I suggest not to create user account directly. Instead create an “invite” in the database and then when the new users follow their invite (eg with a link) you sign them up and connect them to their parent organization.

Anyway implementing an import function in your app can be done as I described in the first comment.

Xano also has a csv import if you want to initially get that data into a table:

CSV File Import - Xano Documentation.