I am stumped - capture signup error

I am having a weird issue. I want to include a popup if there is an error in the signup. The most important error I am trying to work with is the weak password. My workflow involves signup using Xano auth. But if there is an error the workflow stops and does not go to the next step which is the True/False split.
So how do I capture the error in signup? What am I doing wrong?
A screenshot might help to understand my situation (please ignore some redundancy as I was trying to make sure I am getting the values I need)

I have tried both conditionals where isAxiosError - true or if Error from previous step is null (if there is no error then the variable isAxiosError does not exist.

My guess is that the workflow execution stops upon error and we cannot pass the error value forward. One potential solution is to do regex in step before signup and then throw and error.
Is that accurate @weweb-team ? Or I am missing something really simple.

if a step of the workflow throws an error the workflow stops and the “on error” workflow get executed.
You get the error in this workflow as well:
You can handle the error here and have other actions

@dorilama onError only throws an error for the overall workflow. At least from what I learned so far, I cannot pick which part of workflow threw an error.
Re: your second recommendation, that is where I am stuck. The error is available in the workflow. But the workflow does move to the next step since there was an error in the prior step. So I am unable to use the value of the error from workflow in the next step.
I hope I did not further confuse the issue :slight_smile:

Currently made it work by moving the error before signup using custom javascript. but I am still curious what happens when there is error in a step and I want to capture that particular error as opposed to overall failure or success like in the “on error” workflow.

this is something we have in mind, but is not implemented yet.
The best way to achieve what you want is probably to make a global workflow just to call the specific action you want, and include error handling here :). Then use this workflow on your local one.

Thanks you @aurelie