How to upload an image and place it in a multi-input


I would like to have a feature that allows me to insert an image into the text when I upload an article like in wordpress.
Please give me some tips on how to implement such a feature.

Have you tried the RichText Element?

I gave it a try.

However, I’m having trouble figuring out how to upload the image to airtable.

In Airtable, you can upload an image in an “Attachment” field type.

Is it not possible to upload files in an application built with weweb?

Yes, you can upload an image directly into WeWeb if you’d like.

In order to do that, you would need to use the image element.

Or, if you have a link to the image, you could add it to the rich text element using HTML or Markdown

Thank you.

But what I want to do is to upload images on an app built with weweb.
Is there any function like image uploader or file uploader in bubble?

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Aaaah ok sorry about that, I didn’t understand the question the first time :slight_smile:

No there isn’t that option at the moment but the team is working on it!

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I see.
Then I’ll wait until then!
Thank you very much.

Quick update: I checked the roadmap and it’s looking like it will be available towards the end of January.

In the meantime, feel free to upvote the feature request here.

Thank you very much.
I’m really looking forward to it!

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Hi @hiroto :wave:

The new file upload element is live in WeWeb :slight_smile:

Here’s a use case where we allow users to upload a resume when they apply to a job.