How to set svg icon color?

When I set the fill to a different color it covers the whole icon with the color instead of making the icon that color. How do I change the svg icon to a color?

One of the best things about using SVGs is being able to quickly set them to a new color.

Hi @carri,
our icon are not using svg at the moment, but font.
On the properties of your icon, you have to inputs, one for the background (2) and one for the lines (1)

Using the Color (1 on my screenshot) should do the trick :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response! :smile:

Is there a way for me to upload my own set of icons to this “icon” element? I have a set of SVGs I use in my app that are a good fit for my branding. I assume I would have to convert to an icon font first. But I don’t see a way to upload new sets.

If not I’ll just use the image with the right color and switch it out on hover and other needed states. That is just more time consuming than I’m used to from using Webflow.