How to redirect to external page in workflow?

I want to redirect someone after they completed a workflow action to a URL that is returned from a previous workflow step. How do I do it?

Trigger: User clicks on a button.
Workflow action step 1: Change something in Xano, it returns back an external website’s URL
Workflow action step 2 (HOW?): I want the user to be redirected to this external URL that has been returned from step 1.

How to do this? I tried to save the URL from action step 1 into a variable and binding the variable to the button’s link, but it doesn’t work because when I click on the button, the workflow has not been triggered yet, so the URL from step 1 has not been saved to the variable yet, and I go nowhere.

when you are defining a workflow action, you have access to previous actions results in the explorer (no need to create a variable)
Then you have access to a Change Page action.

Hey Aurelie! It doesn’t allow me to “change page” to an external URL (my Stripe check out page) :frowning:

I get the following error when I try to do what you described:

If you have a whole url, try making a javascript step and provide:

window.location.href =

Then paste your variable onto the end of the above. This will result in something that looks like :

window.location.href = context.workflow['91df9b0a-5709-4f2d-ae41-fb974f4a2974'].result

setting the value window.location.href tells the browser to change pages. This is not the only way to navigate, but it’s very flexible: should take you anywhere you want to go!