How to properly setup collection with airtable? And with collection pages

Hello there,

I am setting up a page with a list of products, and I have my data store in airtable.

Firstly, I have setup my collection to be static and when I am inside the collection page, I could not find the quick access page next to the collections, variables, functions, etc. I could only connect it to one specific collection item, which is not what I want to present with the page.

Secondly, I have setup a filter to limit / to achieve the “search with filter”, but everytime I click the next page in the paginator, it drops the filter.

I will later put up a video regarding to these two problem that I encountered.

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how do I create a link to my project?
This is the link of video about the first problem:
This is the link of video about the second problem:
This is the link to the project: ()

Hi @markleungLC :wave:

Thanks so much for taking the time to record these videos. Both are super helpful!!

For the first problem, it appears to be a bug on our side. I’ve informed the tech team so that they can look into it.

For the second problem, links to static collection pages don’t work when the data is filtered because we use the id in the unfiltered Collection to create the page.

It’s something the team is aware of and looking to improve but it hasn’t been prioritized yet.

You can upvote the feature request on our public roadmap to help us prioritize it in the future.

In the meantime, this thread explains a workaround you can use.

Hi @Joyce

Thanks for your reply.

I will check the first problem later after the bug is fixed.

About the second problem, are you saying the pagination (paginator) of the collection list do not work with filter? I am not sure that “links to static collection page” is referring to the probelm.

Many thanks!

Ah ok no, sorry, I answered the second question too fast! Let me have a another look :slight_smile: