How to place elements next to each other?

I have just started recently to use Weweb, previously I used to use bubble. I face some difficulties with design. I am trying to place like 2 buttons or multiple elements next to each other and I don’t know how to do this using the sections of containers… I’m a bit confused… as you know in other tools you can just drag and drop the elements anywhere you want… I looked at various tutorials and but still couldn’t find what I’m looking for… so could you please help?

A section is can be considered the root

Everything belongs to a section and you can have more than one section, but you cannot nest sections.
Containers are child
tags and can be nested in many other elements like flexbox, table, etc.

This setting may be the one that matters to you most at this time:

I suggest you try this:

  1. Create a page, add a section, and add a container to that section.
  2. Add a few elements, maybe buttons, text, etc.
  3. Change the direction of the container to see what happens.

Thanks a lot… now i got it… thanks again :slight_smile: