How to make Google Auth + supabase redirect to a private page

On the provider login, there’s a redirect page. I want the user to log in and redirect to a private page. If I make a page private, it doesn’t show up in the list.

Hi @TapTap21 :wave:

Ah yes. I need to improve the docs on this!

You need to redirect to a public page because that’s what allows WeWeb (or any frontend for that matter) to read the cookie from the external provider before it gets the user:

If you redirected directly to a private page, the authentication would fail.

For your use case, your public page can be blank with a workflow triggered On page load (before fetching collections) to redirect the user to a private page:

Here’s the replay of a live stream we did on the topic of OAuth in case you’re interested in learning more about the process :slight_smile: