How to loop a certain number of times?

Hi. I want to loop for a number of times decided by the user input. For example if a user selects a number 30, I want to loop it that many times.

Hi, I’m not an expert, but you should try using the iterator in a workflow (on button press or input changed)

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You can use an iterator, and as value of items, you can bind to Array(length) with length being the desire times you want to repeat :slight_smile: (can be a variable)
I just advice use to maybe but a max on it (just in case). Never trust the user :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, yes I use the iterator but don’t know that you can bind it to a number(length).

Sorry @aurelie I tried but can’t, I mean can I bind it to a number and not an array? How do I do that?

Just use the formula i gave you, that will generate an array of the require length.
Array(10) or Array(myVariable)


I see, now I understand :sweat_smile:. Thank you :pray: