How do I bind paginator to datagrid?

I have a datagrid of 100 rows being pulled from Supabase. Data is slow to load so I need to paginate.

I set the pagination to 25.

How can I update my datagrid to show the respective number of items after clicking the appropriate number in the paginator?

What backend are you using? Frontend or backend pagination?

Supabase. Doing frontend pagination (because otherwise I won’t be able to get the total number of items per user, only the total items in the entire table).

You could do a separate query to count. It’s not like frontend pagination will make the requests faster if thats the issue because it still loads everything.

What is exactly the performance issue that you’re solving?

Got it. Not so much a performance issue anymore. Rather a matter of how do I change the data in the table when clicking on a page in the paginator?

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