How to get filtered data from backend directly into weweb

What I want to do is to get the filtered data from backend directly in supabase because our data is in high quantity and what we want is to call starting 200/desired number rows of data into the collection but what’s happening is that it is calling whole data which is in millions which is making our weweb app too slow

Hi, supabase use backend filters and pagination.

You have a step to configure it on your collection settings, called Query Configuration.

Be aware you have to bind the whole collection object, and not collection->data, when you want to display only the current page for your collection.

but before that step whole data is being fetched/ crashed which is in millions

what i want is to filter the data before going into the query configuration step

No, for supabase the filters and the pagination are applied on supabase side, not WeWeb side.

Could you set a pagination on your collection with 10 items per page for example, then share a screenshot of what you received on WeWeb please ?

already did that
I’ll try to apply pagination on supabase side. but in supabase where do i have to apply the pagination?

What I mean is the filters and pagination are handled on supabase side, but configured on query configuration, at your collection level.

When we fetch your data we ask supabase to send us only the current page, based on the filters and pagination you have set.

Could you share with me an example where you did set the filters and the pagination but still receive too much data please ?

If you think you have a bug, you can open a ticket on so we can help you :slight_smile: