How can WeWeb read DB (Xano)?


I have a field where clients can enter a coupon and my idea is that Xano DB read if this value is in the DB table.

If it is, the client can continue doing the form; if not it will appear an error message.

Thank you in advanced.

Have you installed the xano plugin?

I have already connected Xano so I know how to get, post… data but not the situation I propose now

You will need a endpoint in xano for searching the coupons.

Then you can either create a collection and fetch it when user types something in the form (remember to put debouce otherwise youll spam the API)

Or in the workflow use the “Request” action from xano.

Hi @monicaamb :wave:

This video tutorial might help you implement @AJAW’s suggestion.

We are demonstrating with a Xano database using the REST API plugin but the logic will be similar (and even easier!) with the Xano data source plugin :slight_smile: