How can I make an element collapse when it is not visible?

I need an alert dialog to collapse when there is no error and then appear when there is an error, in addition to extending the div where it is located.


Have you tried binding a formula to the Display option of the element?
In the form submission workflow, the ‘On error’ section can be modified as you see fit.

I suggest creating a variable boolean ‘displayAlert’ default is false. Upon error in the workflow change the variable ‘displayAlert’ to true. In the Display settings for div-alerta you bind a formula such as
if(displayAlert = true, true, false) or in this case simply the value of displayAlert.

This is of course not the best practice here, as you may want to have different types of alerts and in different sections etc… but for now this should help you get in the right track!

Let me know if that helps

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thank you, it helped guide me