Hide icon when there is no hyperlink

Hi there,
1- Is it possible to hide icons (FB, twitter, reddit, etc…) when there is no pointing hyperlink behind them?
2- Can we set-up a paywall?
3- Can we collect payment with a stripe integration?


Hi @JMV :wave:

1- Here’s an example where we hide a container when there’s no image. The same logic could be applied to hide icons when there is no pointing hyperlink behind them.

We’re currently working on a Stripe integration.

In the meantime, you could setup a workaround with a link to a stripe checkout, create an automation between Stripe and your backend with the user table, and setup authentication in WeWeb to gate content based whether the user is authenticated or not or based on user roles (e.g. Premium or not).

I don’t have an exact date for the Stripe integration but I’ve added your feedback to our user research to help us prioritize!

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I’ll try that. Super helpful!

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