Hi from Reunion Island 🇷🇪 , France ! We train on Weweb & Xano

Hi there !

I’m Clément from Réunion Island (a french island located in the indian ocean, close to Mauritius and Madagascar). How it looks like

With my brother Frédéric @Frekofou , we created Gaspach.io 2 years ago and since the beginning we have worked on Weweb + Xano since we found in love with the stack :heart_eyes:

Now we help people to go from beginner to advanced users on this stack with an intensive bootcamp on Xano and Weweb and peer building program. We also do services from time to time on project we find in love to (love is always the answer :sweat_smile:)

More about me :

  • I am fond of music (djing, play piano and guitar, listen music everytime)
  • I love good rhum

Very happy to be part of this community !


Hi @clement :wave:

So happy to have you here! Hopefully one day we can host a WeWeb meetup on your beautiful island :grinning:


Hey Clément!

It’s great to see you here sharing about Gaspach.io. I wanted to chime in and share my experience as a bootcamper under your guidance.

When I joined the bootcamp, I came with a background in PHP/Symfony, and while I was intrigued by the No-code world, I wasn’t sure where to start. Your intensive program on Xano and WeWeb was a game-changer for me. The hands-on approach, combined with the peer building program, provided a comprehensive learning experience. It’s evident that you and Frédéric are deeply passionate about the stack, and that enthusiasm is contagious!

For anyone reading this and considering a deep dive into Xano and WeWeb, I can vouch for the quality and depth of the Gaspach.io bootcamp. It’s been a pivotal step in my No-code journey.

Thanks, @clement and @Frekofou , for the knowledge and the fun times during the bootcamp. And to the community, if you have any questions about my experience or if you’re looking for insights from a fellow bootcamper, I’m here!

Best wishes,


Thanks @Joyce and yes definitely for the Weweb meetup especially since the Weweb expert comminity is growing here in Réunion Isldand :blush:

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Many thanks for this feedback, Malika is was a pleasure for us to have you in the bootcamp and now to see you in the great weweb community !