Hi from Florence-Italy

This is Emanuel, nice to be here.
Weweb is really powerful , i hope to see Role and permissions on Starter,
till that i can’t make anything more but here is what i’ve done in few days.

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Very nice! Well done @lelemarea :raised_hands:

I’m sure you get this a lot and you’re tired of tourists, but loved visiting Florence last year! Loved the city, food, and people! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well ,Florence is full of art but in the last years its center is some kind of crowdy luna park but people living in Florence are not so kind, so i think tourist are way far better than citizens , by the way i live out in the neighborhood …,nice to meet you , i really hope to continue to develop with you but without role and permission on the starter plan is for me quite impossible , but its me so its my problem , that being said WeWeb is impressive ,thanks