Has anyone integrated tink or openbanking?

We’re looking into integrating tink into our platform to enable invoice payments.

Does anyone have a high-level strategy on how to do this?

Hi @mander,

Consider it to be a lot of work! We’ve done a similar integration - although more limited in terms of data exchange. On what BE are you running?


Hi Ben,

Yes, we understand it will take some work, especially from a coding perspective. Running on Supabase.

Can you describe the steps you’ve taken to achieve such an integration?
Did you use custom components or other methods?

Hi @mander we run on Xano.

  • A lot of trail and error - the token lifetime handling was a challenge.
  • No custom components used.
  • Created a bunch of webhooks on the Xano side to handle updates.
  • 180 forced auth renewal logic included.

Ponto Connect is the services we integrated with.

Great to know, thank you Ben.
I haven’t heard of Ponto Connect. Will check them out. Are you happy with the service?

Our use case is as follows:
We want to enable our users to initiate payments on behalf of their clients via SEPA mandates.

Ponto Connect is an initiative by the largest Belgian banks. It’s good stuff! Which country are you based in? Or which countries are you targetting?

Ok good to know.

We are based in Germany and targeting Germany. There is also a service called SepaExpress which is partnered with Tink.

Might be of interest to you as well. They are a German company.

Here is another one: https://www.twikey.com/ :wink:

Ah, very cool. Will check it out, thanks!