Guide on the user upvote feature

I was watching the tutorial on creating the upvote system, I need a like system in my backend so users can see all the post they have liked in one page later.

After watching this guide a bit to adapt it to my need, I realized it doesnt actually go over how the user upvote system would be set up. Maybe I am missing something, any help would be appreciated thanks

Hi @cenopant :wave:

Oh you’re right! It’s focused on the CRUD to make a new feature request. I’ll record a complete walkthrough and update the title of this video asap.

In the meantime, the steps would be the following:

First, you would setup your user base and authentication with Auth0 (tutorial here)

Then, depending on whether you want to send the information to Auth0 or Airtable, you would have two options for your workflow when someone clicks on the upvote button:

1- Add metadata to your user profiles in Auth0 when the user upvotes a feature

2- Send the upvote information to a table with the user email that’s linked to the feature requests in Airtable

From there, on the user profile page, you could either:

  • display the Auth0 user metadata, or a
  • bind the Airtable collection filtered on the user email field

Does this help?

I’ll update this thread with a full tutorial on this next week :slight_smile:

Thank you for your assistance.

So, I tried it out. And was a bit confused on displaying the Auth0 User Metadata.

Currently my workflow is,

→ User clicks “like” button on product
→ This is the buttons workflow (Screenshot, 2022-01-06 19:24:33 - Paste.Pics)

Now when you do click on the button an error pops up saying you must be logged in, but when you check auth0 it does record the metadata “likes”: “productID”. (Screenshot, 2022-01-06 19:23:08 - Paste.Pics)

The problem I still have is, auth0 only records the first like, and doesnt update if they like 2 or 3 items. How can I make it so that it contains multiple ids.

Also how would I go about displaying this information on a profile page where they would be able to see their likes? I couldnt find a field that would link the metadata from Auth0 to an element.

Thanks, maybe some of this would be answered in the tutorial which I will wait for.

Yes, we’re aware of this. Our team have corrected it, the fix should be live early next week.

Ah ok, let me prep better on my side and get back to you asap with a clearer walkthrough, most likely tomorrow or early next week :slight_smile: