Get Parameter from URL

Ah no!!

You are right! My bad! The Login with magic link logs in the user but only returns the auth token. The user tab will remain empty.

You indeed need to bind to the auth token returned by Action 1. Will update the docs asap.

Apologies for the confusion!


@Joyce I’m having a similar issue to what Kevin mentioned. However because we are using passwordless authentication I’m not logging the user back in after aquiring the Auth token.
So I have the token and I can get the user-info but I don’t see how to store these in the “Xano Auth” variables.
Am I missing something or should I just create and store as new variables? Or update the Xano variables with JS




You will need to use JavaScript to set the cookie and the accessToken in the Xano plugin if you are using that.

See this post:


Awesome, Thanks Kevin!

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