Flexbox not working as expected


I just got started with weweb and i came across a flexbox problem. flexbox container work well for text items but never for div or other elements (. Is it an expected behaviour or just a bug. If that’s an expected behaviour, i have to say it’s very unintuitive for user used to css.


If i understand well, flexbox is not a real flexbox. to display div elements side by side, you need to use a column element. I don’t understand why you would use such a confusing name. Having a fraction of the functionality of flexbox and a column element is counterintuitive. please add a flexbox functionality that’s more accurate.

Thank you

Div element is just a flexbox with a width of 100% by default.
Flexbox is exactly a flexbox, if you can’t put element side by side it may be due to the fact that your element have a 100% width set.


Indeed, you have a great product.