Find airtable record

I am unsure about the proper workflow to use.

I have setup an Airtable collection, I have all my data available.
I want to setup a page which uses the airtable record id in the url, that is done.
But then, how do I get the data of the “current record”?

I guess I need to create a variable “currentRecord” and store the current record object there, but how do I do that?

Does this help?

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Thank you! Creating a different collection for a single item is what I was missing, as it really doesn’t make much sense from a developer point of view (we already have the data, why fetch them again?) but no-code :person_shrugging:

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Working in Xano may give more flexibility here since you can define your own APIs

The issue isn’t really with Airtable/Xano in this specific case, it’s more with about how WeWeb is built and what it allows.

Sounds like it’s recommended to read Airtable again, rather than filtering a collection that’s already fetched, simply because filtering the collection is more complicated to do than re-fetching.