Bug in Filters!

I am positive this is a bug. I have posted about this issue twice before and have not received ANY support. I have also submitted a request in chat. I want to see if anybody else can confirm and if WeWeb can PLEASE respond on this topic. It has been holding my project back from testing for months.

What happens is that even though a filter is applied, ALL collection items will show and nothing will be filtered out.

This bug occurs under the following 2 conditions:

  1. If you use an OR filter with multiple conditional groups. This is applicable to nested condition group as well.

  2. If any of the conditional groups have a FALSE ‘apply if’ condition.

What happens is the same as if ALL conditional groups ‘apply if’ condition were FALSE. It seems as if the bug is that one conditional group FALSE condition applies to all OR condition groups.

Help is greatly appreciated as this has been holding me back.

sorry to not have noticed you, but this bug has been logged on our side, and the fix is currently under QA. We will notice you here when it’s done

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We published a fix for your bug :slight_smile:


Done some fairly extensive testing, it works now!! Thank you so much.

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