Fetch user with query parameter

Hello. Can you tell me if there is a possibility to fetch user information by adding to the endpoint url an ending with user ID? Right now in workflow the fetch user method has no settings, and you can’t shove a variable in the settings of the authorization itself.

Hi @solowey :wave:

If you are using the REST API plugin, you have full flexibility over what call you make, including adding a query parameter to the endpoint URL.

So you can call an endpoint that retrieves user information from the users table instead of using the Fetch user action.

Make sure the user who is logged in when attempting to retrieve that information is authorized to do so.

You can learn more about fetching data from external APIs here and here.

Does that help?

Thank you! I thought “Fetch user” was a necessary node for writing user information to the “user” variable. Is there another way to write the data in the “user” variable?
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What information is available in the user variable and how to update a user’s information will depend on the backend you’re using.

Thank you
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