Error publishing app

Hi everyone,

I have recently implemented collection pages from static collection. So far there’s no error when testing it on the editor but when I try to publish it, it fails. I don’t know what’s causing the error. Hopefully, weweb can show in the build result the possible cause of failures during publishing so that we can implement fix or what.

I hope someone can give some insights regarding this one, ive tried multiple times but still, it fails.

Shoot a message over in the chat. I’ve had that happen and they have taken care of it.

Yup, I’ve messaged them via chat and email. They are currently unavailable, I think since it’s a weekend. Anyways, can you share some common reasons it fails?

I’m not sure of what the errors are. Mine said [invalid date]. The weweb team may be able to comment more on why publishing could fail. @Joyce

Hi @cbpcanda,

Sorry about this.

Having a look at your project. It seems like all is back in order. Can you confirm?

I couldn’t find your message in the in-app chat. Did the problem occur on an account with a different email address?

Don’t hesitate to reach out again if anything is still causing issues.

Yup, It works if I just bind a few items in my static collection (10 items). If I bind the whole collection (343 items). It won’t publish successfully.

Ok, got it. I’m investigating this with the tech team.

Hi again @cbpcanda :wave:

Can you check if every item has a unique id and valid path?

For example, when you bind the URL path to the title of the article, it can happen that the path is not unique or not valid because of special characters.

First of all, Thank you for your response.

Ok, i will check my collection. May i know what are the special characters that are not valid for url path? I have seen some “titles” that has some special characters but it automatically converted to “slugs”. May i know if there are special characters that are not handled?

For future reference, what do you recommend we should bind to the "URL path? should we have a “slug” field in our Xano database?

I’m not sure exactly. We’re investigating further on our side. It should work with the few I’ve seen from your collection like word-word1_word2 but my recommendation would be to bind to have a dedicated “slug” field in the Xano database with a pre-defined URL path so they are no bad surprises and the URLs look nice & clean in the navigator (avoiding _, é,ù,%,€ etc.)

That said, as I mentioned, we are investigating further on our side because, from what I can see of your project, the issue you are running into should not be happening.

If you can confirm all the slugs are unique and none are empty, that would help us a lot as it would rule out two of the most common errors.

Wooww. Thanks for this detailed feedback. I will check my Xano database and check if there are no duplicates and special characters. Thank you

Hi @Joyce , I have updated my Xano DB, I created a dedicated slug column and made sure that there’s no empty slug however, it still won’t publish.

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I’m still receiving errors for this one though. I have checked there are no duplicates or blank slug for in the static collection.

Ok, thanks so much for taking the time to do this. It really helps us a lot!

I’ve updated the tech team. Just a head’s up, there’s a big release coming this week so they might not have the time to look into it until next week :confused:

Hi @Joyce , I have a new update regarding this issue. I had a different approach for this one and I added new items in the static collection incrementally (first I published 50 items, second 100 and so on). So when I reached 200+ items, it says that it reached “page limit exceeded”.

Is this the reason why it is failing to publish before (343 items in 1 publish)?


Hi @Joyce, I have tried manually adjusting the number of items bounded in the Static collection by an increment of 1. And I have found out that it will fail to publish every time I try to bind more than 322 items from our Xano DB.

Can you confirm if you really have this limit in terms of the number of static collections to be bound to a static collection page? Thank you!

Hi @cbpcanda :wave:

Apologies for the late reply, I was on holidays.

This should not be happening. Based on our tests, the static collection page should be able to handle way more items.

I’m following up with the tech team to investigate further. I’ll keep you posted asap but, based on the team’s current availabilities, I don’t expect we’ll find a solution until next week at the earliest.