Collections Page URL doesn't match with published website url

Hi, I used a collection page to display different properties. On my editor the URL path of one variant is displayed as

However, on my published site it shows as

Is there a way I can display the URL displayed on the URL path of the editor on my actual page?

Hi @Walds!

That shouldn’t be happening. Could you share a link to the editor so we can have a look?


Hi @Joyce!

Thank you for responding. Here’s the link: Editor - WeWeb

attached is a photo of what it looks like in the editor.

Thank you!

My pleasure :slight_smile:

Mmm ok, I’m wondering if it may be the format of the slug.

Could you try with a slug that looks like this brand-new-modern-single-attached-etc instead of underscores?

Alright, we’ll try adding a new column for the paths.


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Cool, thanks! Let us know if it solves the issue or not. If it doesn’t, I’ll take another look :slight_smile:

Hi @Joyce, I’m still having the same problem with the URLs.

We already created a slug column for the urls.

However, it still appears as random numbers on the published pages.

Hi @Walds :wave:

Mmmm I just had another look and can’t figure out what might be going wrong. I’ve forwarded your question to the tech team.

We’ll get back to you as soon as possible :slight_smile:

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Hi @Walds :wave:

I made this small change to your “meta” collection:

Adding the result key means WeWeb is now getting the array of items you need, not an object containing the array. This enables the Collection Page to work more fluidly.

When you’re ready, can you re-publish your site and let me know if this solved the issue with the slugs?


Thank you so much @Joyce! It works perfectly now.

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