"Empty list" message when retrieving data

Hi everyone, I am new to WeWeb and trying to bind some data from Xano.

I’m just building a simple page to show the Customers table.

I add a section, a table element, and bind it to the collection for customers.

All is good and the table element shows as many rows as records in the table.

But when I bind a column to a specific field, like “Customer name”, it keeps showing the message “Empty list” in each line. As many lines as the table has, so it’s not empty as it obviously retrieves the records, but can’t show the record data.

Any hint? I guess I’m not the first one hitting the wall here


Could you post a screenshot of the table in edit view and the then the binding for each part (the data table and the specific column) thanks

Hi. I finally found the problem. I was binding the xano field to the weweb flexbox part and not the text itself. Thanks for helping, though

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