Editor keeps breaking

Editor keeps breaking when i develop, i keep all my component small and no looping APIs, whats the issue ?

I’d say something is overwhelming the memory, probably something’s wrong, like an infinite loop, or bad workflow.

How would you debug if theres a bad workflow ?

I’d need to see what’s going on. But console might be a good bet, or just go through each one and see what’s going on in it.

If it is a bad workflow/formula, then you should be able, to select the “Run without workflows and formulas” option and it should work, without crashing.

Shouldnt it be crashing instead if its a bad workflow ?

It can be a loop that causes this, I don’t know, I would need to see your app.

When fetching a large amount of data through the API, especially when fetching it multiple times using a workflow, issues may arise. if you share the page which crashes the editor, it would be helpful for debugging purposes. This could include a screenshot of the page and the API and workflow used in that page

fixed the issue, thanks @Broberto @Aasif

How did you fix your issue?

i just debugged manually and redo some of my workflow. didnt use the guide mentioned above.