Debugging application logic with dev tools (or orther tools)

I’ve recently tried to debug weird workflow behavior - the workflow wouldn’t behave the same in the editor as it would in the published app.

Si I navigated to the published app and opened my browser’s dev tools. I could find JSON files containing various workflow/variable/formula data. But it wasn’t clear to me how to use that along with any other JavaScript files to troubleshoot the issue and debug the logic.

I couldn’t find much information on that subject either. Is there a comprehensive guide somewhere? If not, would the WeWeb team be willing to provide some guidance here? I’ll certainly do a quick write-up for our team and will be happy to share/publish it for others.

Btw the original issue was resolved but the info available in dev tools wasn’t really helpful. The solution came from reasoning about the workflow logic and trial and error.


I know that we already have a guide in the old docs on debugging workflows in the editor, but sometimes (as was the case here) we don’t have the required context to actually debug in the editor.

Will the equivalent guide in the new docs cover debugging in published apps?